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Material : Aluminium

  • Comprehensive range of alternator tools.
  • Complete with blow mould case for storage.

Operating Instruction:

1. Remove the lid of radiator. If the radiator is in high temperature, wait it cold down or cover wet towel until normal temperature.
2. Select the correct Test Adapter, then screw on the radiator.
3. Attach the correct Test Adapter, then screw on the radiator.
4. Press the Hand Pump to inflate the pressure up to 15~20psi.
Caution:Do not exceed the Max. Pressure of Gauge.
5. Check the Pressure Gauge. If the pointer is down, you must inspect the lines of radiator, then repair or replace the damage parts.
6. After servicing press the release button to release the pressure of radiator until the pressure gauge to zero
7. Before storing:
7-1  Attach the Test Adapter to quick coupler of Hand Pressure Pump, then press the Hand Pressure Pump few times to push remnant water out the Test Adapter.
7-2  Drop pneumatic oil into the air hole of the Hand Pump end to lubricate the piston of Hand Pump
8.   Be careful to use this tools and them cleaning

  • Packed in a blow case.
  • Black Phosphate finish.